Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 Delahaye USA Bella Figura Bugnotii Type 57S Roadster

Trendy vintage style is getting resurrected with the 2010 Delahaye USA Bella Figura Bugnotii Type 57S Roadster. The car is sure to attract a lot of attention, and Batman might even turn in his grave for not getting the chance to have one.
The car is highly striking with its totally enclosed fenders that very much “pontoon,” exhibiting the strong influence of the Delahayes built in the mid 30s. The front tires are secured inside the notable fenders, allowing only for lock to lock stirring. The grill shell mimics the Bugatti Type 57, only 4 inches shorter to complement the car, while the radiator shell is topped by a copy of the iconic Hispano Suiza stork. The gleaming paint and bodywork are achieved with the careful application of the RM black and 5335 Glamor. The black finish effectively strengthens the classical character that the car parades. This is further heightened by the red leather seats, and the outmoded yet elegant carpeting and trunk interior.

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