Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 e-Wolf e-1

2010 e-Wolf e-1 480
The 2010 e-Wolf e-1 is another good quality and high performing car model brought into the market by the e-Wolf car manufacturing company. It has a brand new and innovative “electric engine” with a top speed of 155 miles per hour due to it being electronically locked and it can accelerate from zero up to 62 miles per hour or 100 kilometers per hour in just five seconds, a standard that has been followed all throughout the whole world. Together with all of the necessary requisites of stability, safety and balance that only the e-Wolf name can provide, this car model truly is one of the most sought after units in the commercial market and the car industry.
This 2010 e-Wolf e-1 can also be considered as one of the car models that features the latest and state-of-the-art developments, primarily focusing on the revolutionary battery technology. This battery is more commonly termed as the “Li-Tec” battery with the “CERIO” flat cells as its primary or key component. Each of these flat cells has a weight of approximately 1 kilogram with each cell having a life cycle and stability that has been unrivalled in the car battery making industry since the last 10 years.
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2010 Saleen 435S Mustang

2010 Saleen 435S Mustang front view 480
The 2010 Saleen 435S Mustang is another one of a kind automobile that is out in the market today. It is currently distributed by the company that goes by the name of Saleen Inc. It is based on the current 2010 Ford Mustang. The 2010 Saleen 435S Mustang is a limited edition two-door coupe, modified car. It has a front engine, a 4600 cc displacement and is charged with 435 horsepower. With a 5-speed manual transmission, the 2010 Saleen 435S Mustang is a one of a kind vehicle. It weighs around 3401 lbs and is approximately 188.1 inches in length. This car is slightly lower than the Mustang GT because of its Saleen Racecraft suspension. The design provides precise handling and better traction.
The 2010 Saleen 435S Mustang is designed to provide a high-value performance automobile at an affordable price. This car has a 4.6 liter, 3-valve SOHC V8 engine. The engine produces its horsepower and the 425 lb-ft torque. If you are a car enthusiast, you will definitely want one of these automobile.
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Test Driving the Ferrari 328

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2010 JE Design Volkswagen Scirocco

2010 JE Design Volkswagen Scirocco

The 2010 JE Design Volkswagen Scirocco is a stylish car with stunning looks and a powerful diesel engine.

The JE Design employs a 2.0 L TDI inline-4 engine with camshafts, exhaust systems and intercoolers for the cooling of the engine. The maximum output power released by the engine is 205 bhp with a peak torque of 295 lb-ft. The maximum speed of the car is about 213 km/h and it marks the 62 mph speed in 8.4 seconds.

The suspension system features coil springs, stabilizers and shock absorbers that allows the cars height to be lowered up to 30 millimeters. The JE Design features 19-inch multispoke alloy wheels with polished edges and the wheels are covered with 235/35 R 19 tyres.


Vehicle Type: - 2-door coupe
Configuration: - Front Engine
Engine: - 2.0 L TDI Inline-4
Horsepower: - 205 bhp
Torque: - 295 lb-ft
0-62 mph: - 8.4 sec
Top speed: - 213 km/h

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2010 Exclusive Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4

enco-lamborghini-gallardo- 480
The 2010 Enco Exclusive Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 clearly manifests ENCO Exclusive’s devotion in recreating luxury cars to make them sportier and more innovative. This company which is based in Chemnitz, a Saxon town, is well-known for giving vehicles a stylish look, produced a custom made carbon fiber glove solely for driving the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4. The bumper is made form 100 percent carbon and the grilles located on the side clearly make the fiber strands visible. This GT3 appeal is accented by the modish side skirts, a splitter in front and a spoiler at the rear portion. To achieve the fighter plane look, the car’s top coat is made of high-standard matte foil.
The 2010 ENCO Exclusive Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 has a 5.2 liter V10 engine that can run at a remarkable 620 HP at a maximum torque of 575 NM. This sports car designed by Luc Donckerwolke deviates from the usual curves that racers during this era possess, instead it was designed with defined corners and edges, making it unique and exceptional not only in performance but in style as well.
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Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 TopCar Porsche Cayenne 2

When TopCar announced to the world that they will introduce an all-new package for the Porsche Cayenne that will be setting off-road tracks on fire, they were definitely not kidding. The new 2010 TopCar Porsche Cayenne 2 project is obviously bound to make scene.
There are three versions of the Porsche Cayenne 2: the Advantage, the Vantage, and the Vantage GTR. The Advantage 2 is about a Cayenne geared up to hit the tortuous off-road terrain. The vehicle will be fitted with Porsche 911 headlights for precision and clarity, and renovated with an aerodynamic package complete with lengthened fenders, spoiler bumpers at the front and rear, and wider door caps. The refreshing wide set up of the car’s body will carry its character as a supercar. Meanwhile, the Vantage 2 package consists of spoiler bumpers to guard its front and end, extended fenders, skirts, and a bonnet.
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2010 MTM Audi R8 GT3-2

Those who think that a street-legal Audi R8 packed with a rear wheel drive and a supercharged engine exists only in hopeless imagination should think again, and again. Such car is no other than the 2010 MTM Audi R8 GT3-2 that is yet another proof that nothing is impossible in the speedy world of super cars.
The MTM R8 GT3-2 boasts of the rear wheel drive that was the work of a team of specialists headed by Roland Mayer. The vehicle’s system specifications are also cut for speed. Its supercharged 4.2 FSI engine produces an average of 560 hp or 412 kW at 7.750 RPM. The torque is also impressive at 580 Nm at 5.500 RPM. The car’s power is more than enough to propel the car with an acceleration rate 100 km/h reached in only 3.9 seconds, and run in a sounding speed of 317 km/h.
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2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Another Corvette that is destined to heat up the streets and turn envious heads is the 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. The vehicle features a recent Performance Traction System that maximizes the tractions for optimum on-road performance. It is also run by an intercooled and supercharged 6.2L engine assembled manually by a team of specialists from GM’s Performance Build Center. Its horsepower is jaw dropping, recording 638 hp at 6500 rpm, making the Corvette ZR1 known as Chevrolet and GM’s most powerful car ever. Add to that the torque which reaches 604 lb-ft at 3800 rpm, the fuel economy rated at 14/20, and the rear wheel drive concept that is gaining more points in quality.
In addition to that, this more than great performance comes in a very flashy, stylish package. This 2-door hatchback coupe’s low ride height is striking from afar. With regaid to colors, it can be in Torch Red exterior color, as well as blue and yellow. The interior is of Cashmere color, and the wheels can be willed to be in grey paint.
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2010 Delahaye USA Bella Figura Bugnotii Type 57S Roadster

Trendy vintage style is getting resurrected with the 2010 Delahaye USA Bella Figura Bugnotii Type 57S Roadster. The car is sure to attract a lot of attention, and Batman might even turn in his grave for not getting the chance to have one.
The car is highly striking with its totally enclosed fenders that very much “pontoon,” exhibiting the strong influence of the Delahayes built in the mid 30s. The front tires are secured inside the notable fenders, allowing only for lock to lock stirring. The grill shell mimics the Bugatti Type 57, only 4 inches shorter to complement the car, while the radiator shell is topped by a copy of the iconic Hispano Suiza stork. The gleaming paint and bodywork are achieved with the careful application of the RM black and 5335 Glamor. The black finish effectively strengthens the classical character that the car parades. This is further heightened by the red leather seats, and the outmoded yet elegant carpeting and trunk interior.
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2010 GTA Spano

The 2010 GTA Spano features a glass roof. This innovative feature is complimented by a unique lighting and opaqueness system. The chassis of the vehicle is made from a combination of carbon fiber, titanium and Kevlar. The car’s composition and general form is inspired by aeronautic technology. It is equipped with a rear mounted 8-liter supercharged V10 engine producing an outrageous 780 horsepower, kept in check using a six speed sequential manual transmission or a semi-automatic paddle shift transmission similar to those used in F1 racecars. These features make the GTA Spano the fastest, road legal automobile in Spain, since it can accelerate from 0 to 100 Km/h in just 2.9 seconds, achieving a top speed of over 350 Km/h. An AP Racing Carbon-Ceramic braking system is equipped on the vehicle. This includes a forced ventilation system, 6 piston brake calipers and an ABS system.
A set of four custom-made, angled rims are mounted around the car; 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear using Pirelli P Zero tires. Only 99 units of this supercar will be produced and exclusively distributed.
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