Saturday, June 5, 2010

2009 9ff Porsche 997 BT-2

The 9ff Porsche 997 BT-2, based on the GT2, gives you a fully-equipped car suitable for daily use. It is now more powerful, has better performance, and with optimum aerodynamics.

The aerodynamic package is manufactured specifically for the 9ff Porsche 997 BT-2. The exterior is made of lightweight alloy and carbon fiber, which is essential to the overall performance of this car. The hood, doors, and roof are all custom-made for this car. The front lip creates an extra downforce of 70 kilograms at a speed of 155 mph. The rear wing adds a downforce of 90 kilograms for better traction. The 9ff Porsche 997 BT-2 has longer 5th and 6th gears as well.

- Price: €285,000
- Horsepower: 850 HP
- 0-62 mph in 3 seconds
- Torque: 679 lb-ft
- Top speed: 240 mph

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