Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010 Protoscar Lampo2 Prototype

Protoscar, a Swiss Company that has been developing CleanCar projects for 23 years, have unveiled their latest demonstration sports car – The 2010 Protoscar Lampo2 Prototype. With the aim of saving energy, this car company has consulted with several power utilities and even the government to develop this electric car. The 2010 Lampo2’s energy efficient feature even surpasses that of its predecessor, the Lampo demonstration unveiled in 2009. A remote solar plant installed in Tuscany produces enough energy to make the Lampo2 sports car run. Under real conditions, this sports car consumes less than 100 Wh/km-ton. There are four different charging modes that the Lampo2 is equipped with. The first is the standard single-phase with 3,3 kW on board charger that is recommended for overnight home-charging.

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